Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deposit money for entering contests?

You can purchase balls for playing using your credit card or bank account. Our payment system service provider is who have processed over a billion transaction with over 20 years experience.

What happens if a contest does not fill up with the required number of players by the time a game starts?

If a contest does not fill up with the required number of entrants by the time the associated game starts, then the contest is cancelled and all participants are refunded their entry fees.

How do I know the contest are fair?
  • Our scoring algorithms are fixed and use a sports data feed from an, so the results are true.

  • The contests are fair because we group players with similar skill levels, which guards against experts dominating our contests.

Where can I play MySportsFamily daily fantasy sports?

You can play in the following states where LoyalJoys is registered and in compliance with government regulations. We will continue to add new states in the coming months. AK, CA, CO, KS, MA, MD, and NH

Why should I trust MySportsFamily with my deposits?

LoyalJoys Inc. is a registered Delaware Corporation that partners with Bank Of America and for all our financial transactions.

All of our rules are listed on the website and payouts done without delay.

How do I use special offers money in my account?
  • Special offer credits in your account must be used to pay entry fees into contests. The credits cannot not be directly withdrawn or used to purchase other items.

  • Examples of special offers are credits for referring a friend or promotions for events like the start of a new sports season.

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